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By SLAS Spokesperson

The convener attended a meeting of the Research Advisory Group monitoring the PDSO pilot scheme and the Society will continue to be involved in on-going consultation.

Law Reform proposals currently being studied are: the abolition of Warrant Sales and the White Paper on “A New Contract For Welfare”.

If you have any views on these issues, please write to the Secretary.

The committee continues to monitor legal aid developments and there are regular meetings with representatives of SLAB. Let us know if you have any matters you would like to have raised.

As the impact of the Human Rights Act is felt on practice and procedure in Scotland, various issues will emerge and the committee would be interested to hear from any members who have already identified potential areas of difficulty.

The committee will also be reviewing Consultation Papers already issued by Scottish Courts Administration on:

  • The Hague Conference on Private International Law- Draft Convention on the Protection of Adults
  • Further measures to Support Child Witnesses in Civil and Criminal Proceedings
  • The Operation of the Brussels and Lugano Conventions
  • The Draft EU Convention on the Service in the Member States of the EU and extra-judicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters
  • Legislation for Domestic Arbitration in Scotland and
  • Possible Changes to the Rules on Jurisdiction in Scedules 4 and 8 of the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982.


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