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Your Council Meets in Glasgow

By SLAS Spokesperson

This meeting reviewed the Society’s own Gazette and Memorandum Book and there was lively discussion of the facilities which are available on the Society’s new website.

Discussions centred also upon the difficulties arising from the conflict of interest rules which allow agents to act for purchaser and lender, now brought into focus by the recent disciplinary finding that any breach of the CML might amount to professional misconduct. Strict implementation of CML is seen as a possible source of discomfort to the purchaser while ‘taking a view’ in certain circumstances might relieve that discomfort and not, of itself, prejudice the interests of the lender. What if the loan falls into difficulty for other reasons, such as a failing market and the ’view’ that has been taken is challenged?

There was animated discussion also around the potential for alternative providers of legal services to come on stream and the issues as to where that might leave the solicitors profession and how solicitors might deal with these changes. A policy document is at an advanced stage of construction and may be found elsewhere on this website as you read this item.

Apart from all that, the abolition of the requirement for corroboration, disclosure of previous convictions, abolition of wigs, double jeopardy, a national police force, the information sharing protocol, ARTL, taxation of accounts and PEAT2 all came up for discussion.

So many interesting things to talk about these days, so little time to talk.

The member for Dumbarton is caught on camera, surreptitiously (?) studying the journal of another Society during our Council meeting. 


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