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By SLAS Spokesperson

The Society is arranging to receive a visit by a delegation of 16 lawyers from the Czech Republic, to arrive in Edinburgh on Thursday 30th September, visiting Edinburgh Sheriff Court and other offices on Friday 1st October, attending at Inverness for a civic reception on Saturday 2nd October and thereafter completing a tourist visit to the Cairngorms and a distinguished distillery.

Any member of the Society who would be interested in becoming involved and who, for example, was able to speak the Czech language should contact the Secretary immediately by telephone on 0141 332 3536, fax 0141 353 3819, e-mail we hope that the busy schedule will nevertheless leave some time for discussing comparative aspects of our respective legal systems with the Czech visitors. It would be interesting, for example, to learn about the size of their jurisdiction, their position on the contestational/inquisitorial approach by the courts, the relationship between their practising bar and their judiciary and the central registration or otherwise of land ownership and their approach to cross broder qualification. It would be interesting also to learn whether their legal reasoning was principal based or rule based and to what extent it is subject to codification and the extent to which the judiciary is entitled to review legislation.

We propose to e-mail a number of concise questions to our Czech visitors in advance of their arrival and if any members wish to make any suggestions in this respect then please e-mail or otherwise convey your thoughts to the Secretary.

The visiting party shall spend its time between Edinburgh, Carrbridge and Inverness and also the Cairngorm funicular and Dalwhinney whisky distillery. Any member of the Society who would like to meet our guests at any stage in that itinerary would be most welcome and should contact the Secretary.


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