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Urgent Notice

By Michael Sheridan

We were recently informed of the Special General Meeting of the Law Society of Scotland to be held at 5.30pm on Thursday 25 January at Law Society of Scotland Atria One, 144 Edinburgh EH3 8EX.

We were informed also that electronic voting on two motions at that meeting would be open from 15th to 24 January 2018. However, from 15th to 18th January there was no information available as to what would be the relative motions or as to how to vote on them. Votes may be cast also in person at the meeting.

Then, shortly after 9 AM on 18th January we received an email with one link to the relevant motions and another link to access the electronic voting system.

When we followed the first link this led to the proposal that solicitors should be required to report upon suspicious activities of other solicitors (snoopers’ charter). There were, however, no voting arrangements available through the second link.

During the course of the morning of 18th January, however, these details changed. The first link became a link to the agenda for the meeting and the second link became an effective link to the voting system.

From my own inspection of the details of the motions, these appear now to be anodyne requirements to bring money laundering regulations into our practice rules. I do not now intend to register any vote

However, we are aware that there are moves afoot to bring in the snooper's charter referred to above and members are urgently advised to satisfy themselves as to what is happening at the SGM on 25th January 2018 and also as to what is going to happen at the Law Society AGM later this year.

Members are requested also to advise us of any difficulties they may encounter either in accessing relevant information or in casting their votes



18th January 2018


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