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By SLAS Spokesperson

The main pre-occupation of the committee is how to recruit new members. If the Society is to grow and provide the service to its members which it would like to deliver, it is essential that membership levels are kept at a good level. Requests to some members for arrears of subscription has resulted in a large number of people deciding to resign. Times are hard and unfortunately many firms have taken policy decisions that only one member of the firm will join the Society. This may make economic sense for the firms, but the same cannot be said for the Society. The increased number of issues of the Gazette, the Memorandum Book, Roadshows, the web-site and other items all have to be paid for out of limited resources. We need the subscription income, so the committee would appreciate your support in remaining members and trying to recruit new members.
A Roadshow was planned for 11th November to take place in the Borders area, but unfortunately support was insufficient to justify proceeding. Again, this is a disappointment to the committee which is working hard to provide additional services to the profession.

The committee is still trying to foster links with young lawyers and to encourage them to take an interest in the Society’s activities.

It has been decided that in the year 2000 the AGM and the social event! Conference should be separated. Discussions are continuing on venues and the format to be adopted. We shall let you know as soon as a decision has been taken.

A Publications Committee has been established as an offshoot of this committee to support the editors of our two existing publications and to look to the future.

Representatives of the Society met the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman on 18th October and had a helpful and lively discussion on the various recommendations he makes in his latest Annual Report.


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