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The new Convener is Mr. Andrew Anderson of Kilmarnock and the Vice-convener, Mr. Kenneth Swinton of Dundee. The committee is concentrating its efforts on examining the Feudal Tenure etc. (Scotland) Bill, the most major revision of land tenure of our time and therefore worthy of careful study. It is also considering the action programme of the Scottish Parliament in relation to land tenure in general and the implications of the new Incapable Adults Bill, particularly in relation to questions of guardianship. At its recent meeting there was a lively discussion on the current trends in relation to the conclusion of missives and the confusion which has arisen as to correct practice in relation to noting of interests and dealing with closing dates. The recently revised guidelines by the Law Society in this connection were discussed. A letter is to be written to the Law Society of Scotland for clarification on certain aspects and the Committee will advise members on the outcome in a future issue of the Gazette.

Registers Direct has offered to run a training session for solicitors in Aberdeen in February 2000 to assist solicitors and para-legal staff to make fuil use of the Internet search facilities in relation to the Registers of Scotland. Those who have attended Roadshows on these new services will know the opportunities as well as the challenges which lie ahead. If solicitors in any other area would like training sessions to be organised, please let us know.

The Vice-convener has been undertaking further work in relation to the regulation of financial services, including the possible statutory regulation of mortgage providers and members are referred to his article on the subject in this edition.


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