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I had never really heard of either of the above until I saw the proof of an article by Robert Shiels to be published in the March edition of the Gazette under the heading “Robert Shaw of Dunfermline and the American Constitution”. Of course, I had noticed the name of Lord Shaw of Dunfermline in various case reports but I was not aware of his interest in matters American and, indeed, of the reciprocity of that interest in Lord Shaw. John Marshall was a Chief Justice of the USA who, according to Lord Shaw, was more or less personally responsible for the abolition in the USA of the concept of the supremacy of the legislature. That was in the late 19th century and this seemed to be of great interest to Tommy Shaw and I wonder how well he might have appreciated the similar evolution of the English constitution of the late 20th century. The Scottish constitution had reached that evolution, of course, even before the Amercians. Shaw himself was an ardent home ruler and recognised by his American counterparts as a genuine democrat. For more insight into this interesting topic see our March Gazette.


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