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Time for the Virtual Memo Book

By Michael Sheridan

Council has instructed me to produce the memorandum Book in electronic format this year. I have therefore made a previous Memo book (2013-14) available in electronic format as atrial run. In order to access the trial electronic or virtual memo book you should follow this link:-

However, we have also produce a QR code below which enables you to go straight to the trial Memo book and it is likely that this is the method of distribution which we shall adopt. If your phone does have a QR code reader then you simply google QR code reader and that will take you to the app where you click on Install and the app should appear among the apps on your phone. Then you open the app and point your camera at the code and that will take you straight through to the Memo book.

It would be most helpful if members would follow these directions and report back to myself any difficulties which arise and let me have any other comments regarding the move into an electronic Memo Book.

Some members might prefer that we kept the Memo Book in production in the traditional paper format. That would be my own preference. Unfortunately, that is simply not an option. This is because of the comparative costs of paper and electronic production.


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