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TCPD February 2014

By SLAS Spokesperson

Our next proposed delivery of the Trainee’s Continuing Professional Development (TCPD) Programme is now substantially subscribed and will commence business from 9 AM on Friday, 21st February 2014 at the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.  I attach below the programme for this delivery.  The courses delivered over a series of nine, one-day deliveries during the first six months of the programme.  During this period, trainees are able to increase the hours carried out by completing prescribed independent study exercises.  Those trainees who attend all the meetings and carry out all the independent study exercises will slightly exceed the Law Society’s requirements for the completion of the TCP programme.  The second six months of the programme consists of a helpline advice service and an opportunity to complete any of the independent study exercises that have not yet been completed.

The programme concludes is February 2015 when we make full returns to the Law Society to confirm the hours completed by each trainee.

Michael Sheridan TCPD Convenor


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