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SLAS Membership Consultation

By Michael Sheridan

I enclosed with the December 2013 Gazette a questionnaire form designed to enable the membership to inform SLAS Council in various areas with a view to instructing Council's policies and actions during 2014.

Although there has been an interesting and helpful response, nevertheless about 80% of the membership have not completed and returned the enquiry form. I would estimate the excercise as being likely to take about 5 minuites. I therefore attach the enquiry form below and would be much obliged if members who have not yet completed and returned this document do so at the earliest convienience. Even if you feel that you have no useful information to input, please at least enter your personal details and return the form anyway. That tells me that the form arrived sucessfully, improves the return figures and saves me chasing me unnecessarily. If there is information that you think Council should have that is not addressed in the enquiry form, pleasse let me know by email to    


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