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Scottish Law Agents Society extended meeting in the Royal Hotel, Oban

By Michael Sheridan

SCOTTISH LAW AGENTS' SOCIETY Scottish Law Agents Society - Royal Hotel, Oban 18th February 2016 Agenda for Extended Meeting – from 10.30 AM

1. The regulation of solicitors. (Appendix A)*

Is the regulation of solicitors by a regulatory committee in which solicitors are excluded from the majority and from the chair and which is subject to the oversight of Scottish ministers consistent with the constitutional doctrine of the separation of powers or do these provisions enable parliament and the executive to have excessive control of the legal profession as part of the judicial function of the constitution?

2. Land Registration Problems. (Appendix B)*

Has the Keeper replaced the objective of the registration of landownership with the objective of the creation of a cadastral map of Scotland and, if so, does this prevent the registration of heritable rights and what is the legal basis for doing so.

3. Alternative Business Structures. (Appendix C)*

We are still in the strange position that the Scottish Parliament authorised the non solicitor ownership of legal practices about five years ago in the Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010. At that time the change was driven mainly by a majority of the large Scottish firms, the policy of some of whom at least appeared to be driven by their own balance sheet considerations. The proposals have been stymied from the time being because the powers that be have been unable to promulgate appropriate regulations to meet legal requirements, as we predicted would be the case from the outset. New legislation is now planned to obviate these difficulties – on the basis that, if the law doesn’t work for us then we just write a new law.

4. Virtual SLAS Council. (Appendix D)*

A mechanism for the solicitors’ profession to consider and respond promptly to issues arising. When even litigation can be conducted on the internet a Society which cannot conduct business online may be subject to a fatal disadvantage.

*For full details see attached PDFs

Practicing sSolicitors and in particular solicitors in the Highlands and Islands area are invited to join the above meeting on giving at least 48 hours of their intention to do so. If you do not attend the meeting but have views or information relevant to the above topics or any suggestions as to what matters should properly be addressed by a solicitors’ representative body then please advise by email to

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