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Regulation of Solicitors - Short Video Presentation and the Questions

By Michael Sheridan

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  1. Are you of the view that the government has indicated an intention to transfer the regulation of the provision of legal services from the judicial to the executive branch of state authority?
  2. Do you consider the transfer referred to above to be consistent with the rule of law with particular reference to the doctrine of the separation of powers? If that transfer is not so consistent, is that likely to prevent it from taking place?
  3. Do you consider the transfer referred to above to be consistent with the independence of the legal profession?
  4. Do you consider the transfer referred to above to be in the interests of the public?
  5. Do you consider it now to be appropriate for the professional individuals responsible for the provision of legal services to consider collectively the potential consequences of the transfer referred to above?
  6. What, if any, merits do you identify within the proposals set out in the Roberton Review?
  7. Do you support the setting up by practising solicitors and advocates of a specific body to review and advise as to regulatory issues and to assist practitioners to make an influential input into these issues?
  8. Do you think that, if such a body were to be formed with the support of a substantial majority of relevant practitioners, that body would be able to exercise influence upon the determinations of the executive?
  9. If you do not support the setting up of the body referred to above, do you have any alternative suggestions as to how the relevant legal professionals might influence the regulatory process?
  10. What, if any, other questions do you think that this meeting should address?


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