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Law Society Constitution Consultation

By SLAS Spokesperson

This consultation closes on Monday 22nd November and members are invited to give it urgent consideration.  The president of the Law Society has issued the following letter and electronic link:-


Dear colleaguesI am writing to ask for your help in completing a short but important survey, the results of which will influence the way the Law Society of Scotland is governed and organised in future.

The membership of the Law Society of Scotland has changed dramatically over the last 60 years. Back in 1949, there were just 3,500 members, almost all in private practice. Today, we have over 10,500 members and from a diverse set of backgrounds. We need to have a modern and flexible set of rules by which the Society is organised if we are to remain relevant and effective as an organisation.
This is why we have been looking at changes to the Society’s constitution, largely unchanged since the organisation was formed. Most of the changes have been a tidying up exercise and aimed at using simpler language. However, in reviewing the constitution, we have also been able to consider some fundamental questions. How big should the Society’s ruling Council be? How should Council be comprised and how should it be elected? Do we need to reform the way general meetings are called and how motions are approved by our members?

The responses to previous consultations highlighted some divergent views on these points. That is why we have decided to now ask the whole membership of the Society for their views.

Below is a link to a short online survey, which should take no longer than five minutes to complete. It has only seven questions but asks for your views on the kinds of issues I have mentioned and I would ask you to please take the time to complete it. After all, this is your Society and it is important for Council and for me as your President to know what you think before any new constitution is brought forward for members’ approval next spring.

We have also provided some background information on our website. This explains the current arrangements and why we have considered some changes. I would encourage you to read this information before you complete the survey.

You can view that information at

You can access the link to the short survey anytime between now and the Monday 22 November by visiting

Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jamie Millar




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