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Law Society AGM 2018. Any Comments?

By Michael Sheridan

You might have noticed from the agenda for the Law Society AGM on Thursday 31st May 2018 at 5.30pm at the Law Society offices at 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EX, not far up from Haymarket Railway Station.

I have attached the Agenda for the AGM below and you can decide for yourself whether this agenda is in touch with the issues which currently face the profession. SLAS has been invited to make a statement about the current issues of Alternative Business Structures (ABS) and the abolition of proxies from most issues. However, these two topics have the common denominator of the general level of connection or disconnection between the Law Society and the High Street practitioners. If any member would like to provide me with comments to include in my remarks then please email to or add a comment to this article.

If you add a comment, the comment will not appear immediately as, for security, decency etc., it has to be authorised at the Secretary’s office for publication.

Please let me have your thoughts. The agenda is as follows:


Order of formal business


1.            Approval of the Minute of the Annual General Meeting held on 27 May 2017

                and the Minute of the Special General Meeting of 25 January 2018.


2.            The President’s Address.


3.            The adoption of the reports from the Treasurer; the Client Protection Fund Convener; the Audit Committee Convener; the In-house Lawyers’ Committee Convener; and the Convener of the Scottish Solicitors’ Benevolent Fund (SSBF) for 2016/2017.  - These reports are available to read on


4a.          The approval of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Society; the Client-Protection Fund and the SSBF for 2016/2017.


4b.          The appointment of the Auditors to the Society; the Client Protection Fund; and the SSBF for 2017/2018.


- These annual reports and accounts are available to read on


5.            Chief Executive’s Report


Presentation by the Chief Executive on the Society’s current operating performance and five year strategy 2015/2020.







6.            Practising Certificate fee for 2018/2019 - Resolution number 1


                Resolution from the Council on the Practising Certificate Fee for 2018/2019


“That, as from 1 November 2018, the Annual Subscription held by each member of the Society holding a Practising Certificate will be £565”


Topics for discussion


7.       The Council has agreed that Michael Sheridan, Solicitor, Glasgow can raise at      

           this meeting the topics of Alternative Business Structures and Proxy voting for



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