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At Last, the New Website Is Open

By SLAS Spokesperson

After much activity behind-the-scenes, we are now able to make available to the membership an updated and more versatile website. But, and it is a significant But, members are asked not to confuse this website with those of the various big spending commercial institutions or other organisations generally trying to sell themselves to you and usually also to take money from you. For example, comparison with websites such as those of the Law Society and quality should take into account the fact that the former has a budget larger than ours by about 800% and the latter has a budget many times even the size of that.

This is your own website, financed entirely (and meagerly) by your own society and based entirely upon input provided by members of your society. If you find that there are any shortcomings in the content of this website then please do not complain about this but, rather, create the content that you would wish to see in place and send it into the website either via the feedback facility or otherwise by e-mail to

Our website is only going to be as good as we make it and there is no reason why we should not make this website into a powerhouse of communication exchange and a repository of useful information and materials for the benefit of the whole membership. However, it is unlikely that this will happen of its own volition and it is hoped that members will think at least as much about what they can contribute to the website as to what they can gain from the website.

To take one example, some members have been concerned to discover that an Information Sharing Protocol has been interned between the Law Society and the police authorities and appears to contradict their understanding of the duty of professional confidentiality. A website such as this appears to be the ideal forum for the dissemination of the details of such a protocol and for a nationwide debate as to the advantages, disadvantages and even dangers of such an institution. Details are therefore posted elsewhere on this page.

If you were unaware of this development then perhaps you will take a moment to congratulate the members who have drawn it to your attention and perhaps you will also consider responding to those members by putting your own information and views onto this page.


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