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How Members can use this Website

By SLAS Spokesperson

With apologies to those members who are well versed in the use of IT, websites and so on, I offer below a simple explanation as to how members might access and use the facilities available on this website.

Members might see the website as a sort of shop window into which any member of the public who enters the appropriate address into his PC may gaze. However, in order to enter the shop and have access to the full contents, you require to log in to the website. This might be compared to turning a key in the lock to open the door of the shop. The key in this case consists of a user name (usually your e-mail address) and a password each of which you type in to the appropriate box which is brought up when you click the phrase “log in” where it appears on the front page of the website on the top line a little to the right from the centre of the page. All members of the Society who have intimated their e-mail address have had their accounts activated i.e. been supplied with a key. This means that they have received an e-mail telling them what is the password. This means that you should now be aware of what is your username and password and you should now be able to login to the website i.e. enter the shop. However, the e-mail sending your password might have accidentally gone into your spam or junk folder or you might have missed it for some other reason. If, for any reason, you are not aware of your password then you simply login with your e-mail address and use the forgotten password facility. This will result in your receiving a new password (which will work on only one occasion) which will enable you to log in to the website and then to change your password which will then function indefinitely.

At present, there is very little in the members only section of the website (or inside the shop) which does not also appear on the front page of the website (or in the shop window). However, as more and more members login to the website and become able to use the website, more and more of the content will be screened from the public and located only within the members section of the website. It will be very important at that stage that members use their passwords for themselves only and do not allow non members to have access to these passwords.

Members of the society who pay subscriptions to maintain the website are entitled not to have their resources made available to others who have not paid any subscription.

Once you have logged in to the website you will have access to the all material contained in the website and you will also be able to insert your own information and comment on the website. That is another reason why we would not wish non members to have access to these facilities.  Council very much hopes that members will find it quick and easy to add their own information and points of view to the website and that the website will rapidly become an active and constructive discussion forum for our Society.

I would greatly appreciate comment from members either confirming that they have received details and an able to operate the website or, otherwise, letting me know what particular difficulties they have encountered. These communications should be directed by e-mail to


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