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By Michael Sheridan



We have to apologise for the late production of the June 2017 Gazette number 85/2 which is now scheduled to land on your desks by mid August. The first practical reason for this is quite simply absence due to illness on the part of key personnel.  However, we have also had some difficult material to deal with.  This relates to changes taking place in operations at the Land Register.  While many members advise that they are having difficulty with the registration of titles and difficulties also with titles which have previously been registered or recorded and while we have addressed these difficulties to the Law Society and to the Keeper, the response which we have received is that there are no such difficulties. We hope that that may be the case but the information which we have received indicates otherwise.  In particular we are advised that some existing, registered or recorded rights in land have been excluded from the register and that  a widespread amendment of existing titles has been carried out by the Keeper without reference to the affected proprietors. Again this might not give rise to any problems because the changes may be required simply to keep up with adjustments to the Ordnance Survey map. At the same time, some members are uneasy in principle about this development.  We deal with this matter in the current Gazette but clearly there is an onus on our profession to scrutinise closely any possible threat to the reliability of land registration.






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