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The Gangs All Here

By SLAS Spokesperson

This picture was taken on or about 19th January, 2009 when a number of members met to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the foundation of the Scottish Law Agents Society. The meeting took place at the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow and the following attendances are noted from left to right:-

Christopher Sheridan, Michael Sheridan, Rab Forman, Maggie Scanlan, Carole Sheridan, Ian McLeod, Gilbert Anderson, Pat Fordyce, Ken Swinton, David Rattray, David Maclennan, Ian Ferguson, Mary Pirie, Craig Bennet, Michael Scanlan and Fiona Dalton.

Any names that are missing from that list should be reported to this page immediately.

It is immediately obvious that the group of members at this meeting is very much smaller than the group of members depicted in the photograph shown in front of the group. We are not certain who is depicted in that photograph and whether it is a meeting of Scottish Law Agents Society members or Royal Faculty members or some other assembly and any information would be welcome. While modern systems such as telephones, email and electronic networks make communication much quicker, easier and cheaper, it tends to make physical meetings increasingly redundant and it must be doubtful whether we will ever be able to assemble a picture of today’s Society as heavily populated as the one shown in the old photograph.


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