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The Faculty of Advocates Criminal Appeal Service

By SLAS Spokesperson

The Faculty of Advocates Criminal Appeal Service

Faculty Services Limited, the service company for the Faculty of Advocates, has established the Faculty of Advocates Criminal Appeal Service to provide a direct link to solicitors requiring the services of advocates in criminal appeals (including bail appeals) before the High Court of Justiciary. The service will commence on 6 January 2014 and will enable solicitors to manage their cases before the Appeal Court in the most efficient and effective manner without having an Edinburgh office or correspondent. The service will assist with all necessary communications with Justiciary and the Crown Office Appeals Unit and will be led by Donna Foster, an experienced paralegal with extensive experience of managing appeals before the High Court of Justiciary and the UK Supreme Court. Donna will work in conjunction with our existing clerking team to provide agents with a full service, Given the experience of our team the service can provide procedural assistance to solicitors and, if required and fully instructed, can provide a member of staff to instruct counsel at hearings before the Appeal Court. Assistance can also be given by providing cover in court in relation to first instance hearings.

In rendering this service Donna will act as the agent of the instructing solicitor and the instructing solicitor will be entitled to fee as no,:nial for the work that is done. Faculty Services Limited will charge for work done at 50% of the rates provided by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

The service will operate with a roster of experienced counsel although of course the instructing solicitor will retain the right to select counsel for any particular appeal whether or riot that counsel is on the roster.

As part of this service, agents will be issued with a contact telephone number that will ensure that they have access to counsel 24 hours a day should they require immediate assistance or guidance. Should you wish to discuss the benefits of using this service, both procedural and financial, please contact the staff noted below for further information:

Tony Parker, CEO FSL, 0131 260 5802, or

Lee-Anne Black, Advocates Clerk, 0131 260 5681 or

Donna Foster, 0131 260 5607 or 07739 639014 or


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