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By SLAS Spokesperson

The arduous annual task of making up and posting out subscription notices is now under way in your Secretary's Office. It is several thousands times more expensive doing this by paper than it would be by email. However, past experience shows that paper correspondence is about ten times more likely to receive a response than email correspondence. Nevertheless, those members who would wish to receive future subscription notices by email and, indeed, who would wish to make payment by electronic means are invited to advise the Secretary accordingly, by email notice to  Incidentally. don't be fooled by our subscription letter which is headed up with reference to the year 2009.  It really is the subscription notice for 2010.  It is something to do with preparing the letter before 2009 has finished and the system produces a letter headed 2009 but you will see that the subscription notice itself is correctly dated for 2010

Because of the labour and postal expenditure involved, it makes sense to issue other items along with the subscription notice and members are asked to give these additional papers their attention. Indeed, this year, we have gone so far as to include a return, addressed envelope for response and we very much hope that members will assist the Society (and each other) by completing and returning the enclosures which accompany the subscription notice.

Most importantly, your Council has decided to act upon the overwhelming verdict which we have received from the opinion poll on Alternative Business Structures (ABS). Over 70% of responses reject ABS outright and over 85% reject in particular the authorisation of external ownership of legal practices. We have therefore enclosed along with your subscription notice, a proxy form for completion and return. If we receive a sufficient return of these forms we shall call a special general meeting of the Law Society early in the new year in order to provide the membership and the wider profession with an opportunity to ascertain and provide the Scottish parliament with a proper representation of the profession's views upon ABS and external ownership.

Other pressing matters include the proposed education and training developments and the loss of work for many solicitors and ancillary staff  and members are invited to assist your Council's policy in respect of these issues by completing and returning the relevant sheet.

Your Council firmly believes that problems which may appear to individual solicitors and firms to be insurmountable may well be capable of reasonable solution when addressed by the profession as a whole through our Society and all members are requested to respond to the papers which will shortly be circulated not forgetting, of course, payment of the subscription itself.



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