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The Law Commission for England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission, on 10th November 2008, opened a consultation on the legal remedies available to consumers when they buy goods which do not conform to contract.


UK consumers are currently entitled to reject faulty goods and obtain a refund.  However, it is unclear how long the right to a refund lasts.  The Law Commissions provisionally propose that a consumer should normally exercise the right within thirty days.  Other reports indicate that the European view is that the supplier should always have a right to repair the goods.  There are no doubt other issues raised in the consultation because the consultation document is about 170 pages long.  We understand it can be accessed online at


The consultation lasts until 2nd February 2009.  If any practitioners have any information or experiences from consumer protection cases that might be instructive in the consultation, then SLAS would be happy to receive details of these and to formulate a response to the consultation.


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