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Constitution and Master Policy - Open Meeting 6th September, 2011

By SLAS Spokesperson

SLAS has called an open meeting to take place at the Royal Faculty of Procurators at Glasgow from 5:30pm on 6th September, 2011 in order to provide members and the wider profession with an opportunity to discuss the fundamental changes to take place to the Constitution of the Law Society and to consider how the Master Policy has to change in order to meet the legal requirement that this protection must be shared with non solicitors.

The organisers of this meeting cannot offer to provide solutions to these difficult issues but hope rather to identify what problems lie ahead in the approaching future and to establish a collegiate basis on which to take these considerations forward. We have been informed that Russell Lang of Marsh Limited, who maintain the Master Policy, will attend the meeting and advise the Master Policy position as far as this can be done.

It would be helpful if solicitors intending to join this meeting would give advance notice by email to

Solicitors who are not able to attend this meeting but wish to express a view or provide information are invited to do so by email to the same above address. We would be happy to assist any solicitor who wished to attend the meting via Skype which can be arranged with the secretary at the same email address.



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