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The Legal Defence Union (LDU) was formed in 1987 for the specific purpose of promoting and protecting the welfare of solicitors in Scotland. Indeed, the concept of an independent defence body for solicitors received unanimous support at the 1987 Annual General Meeting of The Law Society of Scotland.

The LDU was the result of a joint initiative by the Scottish Law Agents Society - which is one of the oldest solicitors’ organisations in Scotland - and the Glasgow Bar Assocation.

It is committed to protecting the interests of all solicitors in Scotland whether engaged in court, conveyancing or commercial work, in town or country, and in all areas of activity.

At a wider level, the LDU aims to promote the interests and defence of solicitors in Parliament, in the media, and to the general public.


The LDU offers a refuge to solicitors in trouble by providing prompt, expert and wholly confidential professional advice. Assistance is available on a local or national basis and there is no restriction on choice of adviser.

It has extensive experience in advising on the problems which may affect solicitors. These include the most serious emergencies of professional life; for example, the threat of contempt of court, police raids on the office, Law Society or Guarantee Fund inspections or a citation to appear before the Discipline Tribunal. The LDU can also help with the many lesser sanctions facing solicitors such as Inadequate Professional Services, problems of conflict, conduct, confidentiality and other risk areas.

Financial support to conduct a solicitor’s defence is also provided if required. Members are automatically covered by Legal Expenses insurance for legal representation to defend their rights as solicitors before a professional disciplinary body, Law Society committee, criminal court on a matter of professional conduct, or in certain civil matters.

In some instances, membership provides other prosecution defence and employment disputes benefits. General advice can be obtained from any of the solicitors on the LDU board, 13-strong panel of solicitors, which includes the presidents of the Glasgow Bar Association and the Scottish Law Agents Society.

Membership is open to all solicitors practising in Scotland. There are 3 categories of membership - Corporate, Employed and Individual.

Contact Details

The union is based at:

Professor David O'Donnell



By Brechin



  • Advice Line No. 07739 486 369

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Legal Defence Union - Promoting and protecting the welfare of solicitors in Scotland
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