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Social Media And All That

By Michael Sheridan

Learn all about Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Podcasts and Apps and many other forms of immediate, electronic communication. Learn how not to destroy your career with one careless tweet but how to use internet wizardry to keep yourself effortlessly in touch and informed.

Legal Writing and Executry Practice

By SLAS Spokesperson

Words, written and spoken, are all that a solicitor really has to sell in a very competitive and sometimes sceptical market.  These words are only of value if they are put together effectively in Legal Writing.  This session examines both traditional and topical issues and provides guidance to...

The Scottish Law Agents Society and The Royal Faculty of Procurators Personal Organisation and Time Management and Negotiation

By SLAS Spokesperson

This module accounts for 6 hours of TCPD, with the opportunity to upgrade to the full programme, offering a total of 54 hours of contact sessions plus 6 hours of independent  study, followed up with a six month telephone/e-mail helpline. 

TCPD Civil Litigation Series

By SLAS Spokesperson

This seminar addresses both the science of pleading by reviewing the rules and the art of pleading in a practical exercise. Precognitions shall be considered and class members will work individually, under supervision, in order to draw up an outline initial writ.


By SLAS Spokesperson

Practical discussion of legal aid provision, comprehensive training on the current structure of the legal complaints system, with particular reference to issues of professional misconduct, inadequate professional service, unsatisfactory professional conduct, and a topical introduction to...


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