CPD Training


CPD Training

The Scottish Law Agents Society is pleased to provide free CPD to all our current paid up members. Just select the webcast video that you wish to watch, view it and then email your full name and roll number to the following address;

You will be sent a feedback form and questionnaire and we can verify your attendance at the webcast.

Please note that only paid up members can be provided with verification. This is the means by which the Law Society of Scotland can be satisfied that the CPD has been evidenced.

We aim to cater for a range of subjects and webcasts will be updated regularly to ensure quality and accuracy. If there are topics that you would like to see covered please let us know.

If you would like to contribute to our portfolio of videos please get in touch.

Lockton Interactive Risk Management Online Learning


This provides members with the mandatory one hour’s CPD in risk management.

Click link to access this training – https://www.locktonlaw.scot/news/free-interactive-risk-management-online-learning-1.html

Web Cast Videos

Darren Murdoch, SLAS President, gives his views on the Bill. Darren’s talk should be viewed prior to those of the three other Committee members all of whom worked on the Society’s Response to this vitally important bill.

Ken Swinton, SLAS Council member discusses the proposed change of name of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and other aspects of the Bill..

Ken Swinton, SLAS Council member discusses the proposed change of name of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and other aspects of the Bill..

Ian Ferguson, SLAS Council member, discusses majority ownership in respect of ABS, prosecution of offences and other features of the Bill

This is the fourth and last part of the Scottish Law Agents’ Society’s commentary on the controversial 2023 Bill

Andrew Stevenson, solicitor advocate, addresses the risks involved in conducting sheriff court proofs, and how to manage those risks. Law Society of Scotland Rules require that all practitioners undertake an hour’s Risk Management CPD each year. This video lasts an hour and three quarters.

Ian describes the role and functions of the Tribunal

Ian provides further information as to the operation of the Tribunal.

Ian Ferguson, recently retired from Mitchells Roberton, Glasgow, and a long standing SLAS Council member continues his talk on the Lands Tribunal for Scotland. Ian, who practised at the coal face for many years, explains how to submit an application to the Tribunal. This is the first part of the second section of Ian’s presentation.

In this final part of the second section of his presentation on the LTS Ian looks at the rules and procedure that apply to an application.

Succession and Ethical Issues by James Hotchkis

James Hotchkis of R&R Urquhart, Nairn, provides a 20 minute talk on various issues arising from executry work, including legal rights and mirror wills.


Darren Murdoch of Waddell and Mackintosh shares his expertise on the practice of Executry work.

Trauma Informed Practice by Nadine Martin

Legal Director of Gibson Kerr. Nadine is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in Family Law, Child Law and Family Mediation & certified specialist in Trauma Informed Practice.

Nadine will speak about this important but relatively overlooked topic. Her presentation will amount to 30 minutes of CPD

Skilled Persons in Civil Court Actions

Andrew Stevenson, solicitor advocate, gives a one and three quarters hour talk on the use of skilled witness evidence in civil litigation, with emphasis on the landmark case of Kennedy v Cordia in which the Supreme Court issued a judgment in 2016, and in respect of the 2019 Fees Rules which drastically changed the law on certification of skilled persons. The talk was recorded on 31st December 2021,

SLAS CPD Reference to Oath

Andrew Stevenson, solicitor advocate, describes the nature and relevance of this unusual form of civil procedure and discusses why those practising in the field of litigation need to have some knowledge and understanding of it. The webcast lasts one and three quarter hours.

The Regulation of Solicitors; Michael Sheridan

A twenty minute talk by Michael Sheridan on the Regulation of the Solicitors’ Profession. Michael is the convenor of the SLAS/RFPG programme of TCPD and he has almost fifty years’ experience in legal practice.

Low Value Simple Procedure Proofs; Covid, Costs and Expenses

A one and a quarter talk by Andrew Stevenson, solicitor advocate, on how to conduct low value Simple Procedure cases in the context of Covid-19. The talk may be of particular use to younger members of the profession who are undertaking lower value actions in the sheriff court.

Part 1 Searching Personal Register

A one hour by Kenneth Swinton on Searching the Personal Register, Searching, The Liability of Searchers and Land Attachment. The talk is divided into four sections. Ken is a former solicitor and until his retirement he was senior lecturer and head of the law school at Abertay University. Ken is editor of and a frequent contributor to the Scottish Law Gazette.

Roddy Macpherson – RAM Diligence Lecture

Roddy Macpherson of Rutherford and Macpherson, Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers, Glasgow. Roddy gives a 30 minute presentation on the law of diligence in Scotland. Roddy has been a sheriff officer for many years and has given talks previously on the enforcement of judgments, a vital but often overlooked part of the civil justice system. We are grateful to Roddy for having compiled the following; 




‘Historical Law-Tracts’, Volume 2, Lord Kames. Edinburgh, 1758.

‘A Treatise on the Law of Diligence’, J. Graham Stewart. Edinburgh, 1898.

‘The Law and Practice of Diligence’, G. Maher & D.J. Cusine. Edinburgh, 1990


https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_procedures_for_enforcing_a_judgment-52-sc-en.do?member=1 (Also available as PDF provided) 



Procedures for enforcing a judgement – Scotland.pdf

Amanda Masson – Financial Provision on Divorce

Amanda Masson, head of the family team at Harper Macleod, gives a presentation on financial provision on divorce. Amanda has spoken and written widely on the topic and she is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in family law and in child law. She is also a recognised family law mediator and a member of CALM.

Ian FergusonCovid Conveyancing

Ian Ferguson, Partner, Mitchells Roberton, Glasgow gives a 40 minute presentation on conveyancing during these strange times of Covid-19.

Darren Murdoch Problem Executries; some examples and solutions

Darren Murdoch, solicitor of Waddell and Mackintosh. Troon, examines some challenging executries and how they were tackled. Darren looks at issues such as appointment of executors, excessive fees and the court action of division and sale. 30 minutes of CPD may be claimed.

Andrew MacQueen Protecting Personal Data

Andrew MacQueen, Data Protection Officer at Menzies plc and lecturer at Robert Gordon University gives an hour long presentation on GDPR and data protection issues. Andrew’s talk provides an excellent update on this vital management topic.

Making the most of your pension: everything you and your clients need to know

Alison Fitzsimons and Taina Moran of Tilney provide a practical look at pensions, including how to make the most of available tax relief and salary sacrifice. In this session, Tilney will also touch on how pensions can be used to protect Child Benefit and the Income Tax Personal Allowance.

To become a member of SLAS for only £80 per annum, and to receive this and more free CPD please contact the Secretary, Andrew Stevenson on scottishlawagentssociety@gmail.com 

In order to ensure that only SLAS members can properly claim our CPD we have advised the  Law Society of Scotland of our programme and for the purposes of verification we have asked them to check with us that any solicitor claiming our CPD is indeed a current and paid up SLAS member. The Law Society has confirmed with us that only such members will be able to claim our CPD.