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Update 2019

Our next full TCPD programme is currently scheduled to commence in January 2019 with dates of delivery  of the ethics module to be adjusted according to the commencement dates of trainees taking the programme.

Scottish Law Agents Society and Royal Faculty of Procurators at Glasgow – Joint Programme

Trainees Continuing Professional Development (TCPD) has been prescribed by the Law Society as a requirement for the professional qualification of trainee solicitors.  A team from the Royal Faculty of Procurators at Glasgow (RFPG) and the Scottish Law Agents Society (SLAS)   has drawn up a programme which meets all of the requirements of the Law Society aimed at supporting but with the minimum of disturbance to the main training vehicle, the traineeship itself, while providing through a team of experienced solicitors an excellent training in each of the main areas of legal practice.

In particular, the trainees taking the course will complete the Law Society requirements for training in:-

  • Professional Ethics and Standards
  • Professionalism
  • Professional communication
  • Business, financial, commercial and practice awareness
  • Substantive and relevant legal knowledge

The course will take the form of a series lectures, discussions, webinars, transactions, draftings, adjustments pleadings, trials, debates etc., at a total cost of £900 (No VAT) per participant, including all materials.

Please contact Michael Sheridan or John McKenzie to find out more or to register an interest in the programme.

The current timetable for the programme is attached. Our programme proposes that all trainees taking the course shall:-

  • Make representations in the Sheriff Court in a contested matter
  • Analyse a model set of domestic residential missives and deal with a specific drafting difficulty
  • Analyse the pleadings contained in a genuine Closed Record and engage in legal debate thereon
  • Analyse the terms of a standard private client’s Will and adjust a variation thereto in the light of a specific instruction
  • Rehearse a scripted summary trial and respond, individually, without script, to particular difficulties arising
  • Analyse a common form of commercial lease and draw an amendment thereto in terms of a given correspondence
  • Listen to a distinguished, senior solemn trial expert describe the preparation process in detail
  • Draw a petition for the appointment for an executor dative in specific circumstances and ascertain and complete the forms necessary for the confirmation of an executor in an inheritance tax liable estate
  • Analyse a common form of offer for the purchase of commercial premises, including the business operated therein and distinguish this from a share transfer proposal
  • Listen to a senior expert practitioner describe the criminal process at Sheriff Court level
  • Take away a DVD recording of his / her own performance in specific parts of the course
  • Attend at Registers of Scotland and meet a senior official for a discussion of technical, registration procedures including the relevant, cutting edge I.T procedures
  • Meet senior officials from the Scottish Legal Aid Board and discuss the legal aid process and use of I.T. in that process
  • Meet a senior official from the Law Society of Scotland and discuss the complaints issue with particular reference to the new Scottish Legal Complaints Commission
  • Meet a representative from an environmental search company and study the modern requirements regarding the ascertainment and consequences of contaminated land and relative search procedures
  • Meet an experienced practitioner for an analysis of the fee charging process and the dangers and difficulties that can arise
  • Engage in negotiation for the settlement of an action raised in the context of nuisance, based on a genuine closed record
  • On notice given, meet a technical legal issue in an interview context with expert guidance to hand with participation in approx 12 scenarios

This course eschews narrow specialisation at the stage of the traineeship but rather seeks to provide trainees with insight and practice over the broad spectrum of work undertaken by the legal profession. It has been our conclusion that each of these areas develops the essential skills of comprehension, analysis, deduction, argument, communication and pleading which are relevant and necessary to solicitors in whatever area they come to practice. We have observed also that this course provides also an invaluable opportunity for trainees from different parts of the country and from different areas of practice and different sizes and types of firms to meet and network with each other. An application form can be downloaded from our website at click on "Trainees Continuing Professional Development" or contact the Society's Secretary, Michael Sheridan, at 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2LW, telephone number 0141 332 3536, fax 0141 353 3819, email:

Course Convenor

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