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The Scottish Law Agents

The Scottish Law Agents Society is the solicitor profession’s solely representative national body. Unlike the Law Society of Scotland we are a voluntary organisation and a Royal Charter company. We are not a creature of statute and we do not possess the conflict of interest that will always bedevil any organisation that has a duty to both regulate and represent its members. In these post Roberton Review days it is more important than ever for our profession to have a truly independent representative, and our Society is much longer established than the LSS in meeting that need. 

    Our Society is a national body and concerned with issues that affect solicitors across Scotland. We always endeavour to be distinct and independent from the LSS in how we approach these matters. In addition, we are always keen to know about issues that arise in particular localities, such as delay in the processing of business in a specific sheriff court. Anyone with issues to raise is encouraged to contact the Secretary or a Council member.

In April the Society issued a Reply to the Competition and Markets Authority’s Response to Esther Roberton’s “Fit for the Future – Report of the Independent Review of the Legal Services Regulation in Scotland. The CMA Response was released only on 24th March and by answering in under three weeks we were the first association of Scottish lawyers to react to the CMA Response.

Our Reply challenges the CMA’s criticism of our profession and the assumptions that it makes about Fees and Pricing, Alternative Business Structures and Regulation as well as scrutinising the CMA’s methods of undertaking its research and finding flaws in how it has reached its conclusions.

Unlike the Law Society of Scotland our Society is not conflicted in standing up for the interests of the solicitor profession alone. Equally, we are not prepared to let the independence of our profession be undermined by the efforts of the CMA, the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and others. Our Reply was featured in a news report on Scottish Legal News on 15th April. We had a meeting with the CMA in May 2020 at which we re-iterated our views.

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