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SLAS Recruitment Drive 2014

By Michael Sheridan

The Scottish Law Agents Society is recruiting members from solicitors' firms large and small around Scotland. More than ever Scottish practitioners require a Society with a mission to protect the independence and integrity of the legal profession and to protect the interests of the public served by this profession. 

If you are curious regarding the role of the Scottish Law Agents Society in the profession and its significance, may the attached document enlighten you and pursuade you of the importance of membership. If you are a member already appraised of the benefits of membership, you are respectfully urged to peruse and circulate this document.  

SLAS is a particpatory body, responsive to, indeed dependant upon, the contributions of members and feedback from the profession. As part of the recruitment process, SLAS is asking those applying for membership to also complete the attached questionnaire. Responses are also welcome from members and can be submitted via email or post. Such communication helps SLAS to best reflect the views of the profession as a whole and ensure that it evolves in a manner directed by members of the profession. 

For further information about becoming a member of SLAS, email


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