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Professional Competence Course

The Professional Competence Course (PCC) has, for several years past, been prescribed by the Law Society of Scotland as an essential part of the training for qualification as a solicitor and every trainee solicitor must undertake a duly approved PCC programme during the traineeship.  It is a substantial programme which consists of about 54 hours of practical training contact across a range of about a dozen or so subject areas or modules and is likely to cost approximately £1,200 to £1,500 and involve about two weeks absence from traineeship, often split into two or more separate absences. The course is delivered mainly at the LLB universities although some of the larger firms are able to deliver the PCC to their trainees via an in house programme. Now, however, the Scottish Law Agents Society proposes to make the PCC available throughout the country in as close as possible an equivalent to the in house facility which is available to the larger firms. In doing so, we hope to reduce the costs of the PCC and also to minimise the disruption to the traineeship and, as far as possible, to involve the training firms in the production and delivery of the PCC programme.

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